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Prof. Dr. Zhao's group mainly work at the preparation of novel nanoporous materials for hydrogen storage. We attempt to solve the problems of existing methods for hydrogen storage, and to find a way to use hydrogen as energy on automobiles.
Metal-Organic Framework (MOF), which is a new class of porous material, has been considered as potential material for hydrogen storage. Thus, the adsorption and desorption of hydrogen on nanoporous MOFs is the important research area of our group. Besides, the other research involved separation of hydrogen, isotopes of hydrogen and the application of hydrogen energy carrier will be be studied.
Generally, main research field include:
1. Preparation, chracterization of novel nanoporous materials
2. Hydrogen adsorption and storage in functionalized nanoporous activated carbons and MOFs
3. Kinetic isotope effect for H2 and D2 quantum molecular sieving on nanoporous materials
4. Separation of pure hydrogen and deuterium gas
5. Development of novel ion liquid for hydrogen storage
6. Development of novel nanoporous membrane




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